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Phil McFadden - Chairperson Kathleen Quinn - Vice Chairperson 
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Steven Lohr - Treasurer
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S t a t e m e n t  o f  P h i l o s o p h y


To provide a concise statement of philosophy that shall serve as a benchmark for Recreation Commission administration and operations.


Recreation and Park services are an integral part of the social fabric of the community.  Recreation and park services encompass the provision of both facilities and services inclusive of: active and passive parks, open space and natural areas; recreational and public facilities, specialized facilities for a diverse range of ages and interests; provision or facilitator of activities and programs for all residents of the township.

Recreation services are intended to be provided for all people of all ages and abilities. The primary duty of the Recreation Commission is to act as the administrator of township assets and a facilitator for the development and implementation of recreation, leisure and community services, while not necessarily serving as the direct service provider in all areas. The Recreation Commission shall ensure that the needs and interests of all residents are addressed and that no single interest or group shall dominate the attention and resources of the township.

It is the intent of the Township Council and the Recreation Commission of Delanco to offer the residents a basic recreation program provided for and financed from the general fund. Furthermore, we believe that if a recreation program is to satisfy the needs of the public, it cannot rely on general funds alone to support all programs. The recreation budget shall include provisions to pay for the maintenance of facilities, certain program leadership and program operation costs. However, it cannot satisfy the financial need for all programs. Therefore, other sources of finance must be obtained outside of the property tax resource. The concept of fees and charges will be applied to expand and supplement the basic recreation services.

The Recreation Commission shall define parks as any public or private land set aside for aesthetic, educational, recreational, or cultural use. It is related to open space, which is all land and water in an urban area that is not covered by buildings. The Commission shall contribute to general plan elements in the areas of: Conservation, Open Space & Cultural Resources, Community Facilities & Services, Circulation, and Facility Standards.

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S c h e d u l e d  M e e t i n g s

Second Thursday of each month in the Township of Delanco's Municipal Building at 7:30 PM.

These meetings are open to the public and your attendance is encouraged.